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Pupil Premium Info

Impact of Pupil Premium expenditure for 2017/18

Year Group No of PP Children Intervention (or other) in place Impact









Reading materials purchased for use at home and school



3 out of 5 pupils not at ARE on entry to Nursery....By Easter this remains the same...all have made progress!













Reading materials purchased for use at home and school. Extra afternoon of TA support class for Literacy


2/2 pupils not at ARE on entry to reception. 1 pupil now at expected in all areas.

1 pupil still below in Literacy, but at expected in Maths. Progress is good!













Teacher taking part in Maths hub programme across the year to develop the teaching of maths across KS1 (in anticipation of poor cohort next year)

 No PP children in this class






At ARE in all areas

Maintain this 

























4/6 pupils not at ARE in reading and 5/6 not at ARE in writing at end of Y2

  • CPD for teacher (x 3 days)
  • Extra TA time







 Spring assessments show that the gap is closing on those PP children not at ARE, but this needs accelerating.

Intervention to begin in reading after Easter in the afternoons.

Gap is closing faster in maths and pupils benefitted from intervention in Mental maths earlier in year.
















2/6 pupils not at ARE in reading and maths.

1 new to school (Dec 17) 1 was working at pre KS1 levels at end of Y2.

TA support in place & good quality first teaching. 


 Spring assessments show 4/6 PP children at ARE or above.

1 pupil is below, but has made excellent progress.

1 new pupil is below in wr and ma, but has just reached expected in reading which is fab!




















Reading intervention group on Tuesday pm, since September 2017.

Teacher to support 3 x mornings per week. 






 Spring assessments show:

1 pupil on track for GD in Ma                          1 pupil on track for GD in Re and Ma               1 pupil to be ARE in all by end of Y5               1 pupil at ARE in all areas now (wasn't at KS1)  None of the above were predicted GD in any areas based on KS1 data.




















1 child SEN (ECHP) already in receipt of 15 hours support per week.                           1 child at ARE ...expected to remain at ARE. Is on track to make more than expected progress based on KS1 data.                           5 new boys since Year 5 ....extra teacher support 3 x per week! 

 Gap is closing significantly, but pre-SATS tests are borderline for 4 pupils in reading, and 3 in maths. Increase input from teachers over next 6 weeks.





Our Pupil Premium allocation for 2017-2018 is £23,670.

The main barriers to learning for some of our pupils in receipt of this funding (and others) in 2017 / 2018 are:

  • Attendance & punctuality.
  • Support at home.

These issues will be / have been addressed by:

  • Increasing communication with parents / carers in regard to attendance and punctuation and ensuring all pupils want to come to school to learn
  • Pupil premium pupils are given  CGP homework books in where appropriate.

Other uses of the funding include:

  • Continuing to fund a sign language teacher (approximately £5 k per annum.)
  • To fund residential visits and school trips to those pupils in receipt of Free School Meals. (approx. £1 k per annum.)
  • Provide a reading intervention programme for some pupils in Upper KS2
  • Funding reading programmes for use in school such as Bug Club and Education City.