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Sports Funding

Sports funding for 2016/2017/2018

As part of our on-going playground refurbishment, it was agreed (after consultation with pupils and Governors) that the sports funding this year would contribute to the cost of the new fitness trail and safety surface on the playground (total cost £14,500).

This has taken up the majority of the £8k budget for 2 years.

Other initiatives include...

  • Funding of "Kwik Cricket" across school on Fridays
  • Introduction of balance bikes for Reception class, to improve gross motor skills.
  • Funding of a bike and scooter shelter so pupils are encouraged to use these to come to school on.
  • Develop wider links with schools in our locality, so pupils have the opportunity to take part in more inter-school competitions.
  • A TLR 3 was awarded to a member of staff in 2016/17 to oversee all of the above.

Effect of Sports Premium

The impact of all recent spending is:

  • All pupils take much more physical activity than they did 3 years ago.
  • School is performing better in sports is performing better in sports is performing better in sports competitions, especially in cross country running where there has been a significant improvement.
  • Children are eager to use equipment outside, so they do go outside!
  • 1k every day is embedded across school


Mr Littler and the Girls football training.

Mrs Broome – Netball Club

After School Football Club

Emily Simkin – P.E

Prakesh Patel – Kwik Cricket

In the accademic year 2015/16, once again, the school has been awarded over £8,000 to promote sports in school. In the Summer of 2015, pupils consulted and wrote to governors asking for the sports money to be spent on the following:

  • Better PSHE to support healthy lifestyles.
  • More competitive sport outside of school.
  • More socialised sport within school.
  • Continue with range of school clubs.
  • Playground equipment thats permanent.

So that’s what’s happening over the next year or so……….

In the academic year 2014 / 15, the school recieved £8,560 in sports funding. This has been used in the following way:

  • Sports wall for playground.
  • Specialist P.E teaching.
  • Swimming Instructor and pool hire so all Key Stage 2 pupils canswim in the summer term.
  • Badmington equipment for Year 6 pupils so a club could be established.
  • Kwik Cricket and Multi sports provided by West Midlands Sports Development.

Proposals for sports funding 2015 / 16

In consultation with the pupils and after discussion with Governors, it is propossed that the funding for 2015-16 is used in the following ways.

  • Continue with provision provided by West Midland Sports Development (Kwik cricket).
  • Introduce Multi-Sports by West Midland Sports Developement into Reception and Year 1 Classes.
  • Add permanent play equipment to newly refurbished playground after September 2015.
  • Maintain swimming across all of Key Stage 2 in 2016.
  • Continue to develop and widen links with other schools, as well as the range of sports on offer.


In 2014 / 2015, St. Thomas More school received £8,560.00 in sports premium funding.

The Governors chose to spend the money on the following areas.

  • £3,500 for the Sports Wall (as requested by the School Council).
  • Cover for P.E co-ordinator to be releaseed for sporting activities and teaching time.
  • Badmington equipment for new club.
  • Outside sports provider who comes in for 2 hours per week to work on Multi-Sports skills across the school.
  • Hire of pool for swimming, so all children in Key Stage 2 have the opportunity to swim.
Our School’s Girl Football Team
Our School’s Girl Football Team

Sport Provision

The government has awarded all schools just over £8,000 to promote sports in school.

Here at St Thomas More we believe that sport has many benefits for children physically, socially, emotionally and academically!  We are therefore, from September 2013 we are employing a specialist PE Teacher to work alongside our current staff across the school.  She will help support them in the transition from the old curriculum to the new and offer training in how to teach certain specialised areas of PE.  another part time teacher will be employed to give extra PE provision to the children in and out of lesson time. 

Our School Football Team

Buddies Fit Club.

Every Wednesday dinner time open to all year groups.

Kwik Cricket Club.

Run by Prakash Patel  from Staffordshire Cricket.

Tag Rugby Club.

Run by Anthony Maguire from West Midland Sports Developement.

Lunchtime Kwik Cricket.

Run by Mr Davenport.