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If you would like to contact any of the Governors, please phone the school office on 01922 666335 and your details will be passed on to the relevant Governor.

Governors are appointed by the Archdiocese and the parents of the pupils from school.

Chair of Governors - Mrs G. Keeling

Sub Committees – Performance Management, Finance, Admission Appeals, School Curriculum & Pay & Staffing.

Vice Chair – Mrs M. Edwards

Subject Link – Literacy, SEN, Child Protection & Looked After Children.

Sub Committees – Finance, Staffing, Pupil’s Discipline, Premises Health & Safety & Admissions Appeal.

Foundation Governors

Mr E. A Bullivant

Subject Link – Health & Safety.

Sub Committees – Finance, Pupil’s Discipline, Premises Health & Safety & Staffing Appeals.

Mr S Groves

Sub Committees – Performance Management, Finance & Staffing Appeals.

Mr Gavin Williamson

Sub Committees – Staffing Appeals

Mrs Diane Jones

Subject Link – Science.

Sub Committees – Finance, School & Curriculum & Pay, Admission & Staffing Appeals.

Parent Governor

Mrs N. Broome

Subject Link – P.E

Sub Committees – School Curriculum & Pay & Staffing.


Parent Governor


Mr S. Cash


Parent Governor


Ms L. Farrow

Teacher Governor

Mrs M. Allcock

Sub Committees – School Curriculum & Pay.

Support Staff Governor

Mrs. M Powell

Sub Committees – Finance, Pupil’s Discipline, Admissions & Premises Health & Safety.


Mrs S. Hewitt

Sub Committees – Finance, Staffing, Admissions,School Curriculum & Pay, Premises Health & Safety.

Click on link below for information on the process of becoming a Governor……

How to be a Governor

Terms of Reference Finance Governors - October 2017 (3).pdfDownload
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Pecuniary list – Autumn Term 2016.pdfDownload
Premises and HS Terms of reference.pdfDownload
Terms of Reference Finance Governors.pdfDownload
Governors ATTENDANCE GRID 2016 2017.pdfDownload
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