Huthill Lane, Great Wyrley, Staffordshire WS6 6PG


Performance Data


Covid-19 recovery and Catch up funding.

School has been awarded the following amounts: £8,350 (Catch up funding) and £6,000 Education Recovery grant.

All costs below have been calculate across the financial year April 1st 2021 to 31st March 2022

School has analysed the needs of the children both academically and emotionally and the following areas have been identified as priorities for the children:

  • Yoga provision to continue. The children benefit both emotionally and physically from this. The cost of this equates to approx.. £2,280
  • Pupil Welfare Support: the engagement of Mrs. Y. Stanley in a pastoral role for both individual and group support. The cost of this equates to approx.. £5,130
  • Teaching staff are also providing small group tuition after school. This equates to approximately £2,600
  • The school has purchased a new Reading scheme which is both physical and on-line, for home use. This is to increase the opportunities to read and comprehend. The cost of this scheme is £3,800


                                            2020 and 2021 END OF KEYSTAGE 2 DATA

Due to School closing on 20th March 2020 for Covid-19 lockdown, and again in January 2021, KS2 SATs were cancelled.

Formal KS1 testing did not take place in either year, and teacher assessments were not formally submitted to the Local Authority either.

The end of Reception teacher assessments were also not formally submitted.

Staff provided the "next teacher" (for Sept 2020 and Sept 2021) with an assessment of where they believed each child to be.

It is our understanding that KS2 and KS1 tests will resume in the Summer term of 2022.




Reading                          91%  expected - (14% Greater Depth) APS 105

Writing                          77% expected - (5% Greater Depth)

Maths                            91% expected - (18% Greater Depth) APS 105

GDS                               82% expected - (14% Greater Depth)

Reading, Writing and Maths combined 73% (National Average was 65%)


Reading                           -0.5

Writing                           -3.0

Maths                             -0.5



(National figures are in brackets)

Reading                                       67%      (75%)

Standardised Score Average      105.1     (105)

19% of pupils achieved greater depth.


Writing                                        67%      (78%)

Standardised Score Average       tbc        tbc

19% of pupils achieved greater depth.


Maths                                           76%      (76%)

Standardised Score Average        104.2    (104)

19% of pupils achieved greater depth.


GPS                                               62%      (78%)

Standardised Score Average        103.1     (106.1)


Combined scores for Reading, Writing & Maths = 53% (64%)


Progress Measures for End of Keystage 2 in 2018

Reading      -0.5

Writing      -1.8

Maths         +0.9