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 A St. Thomas More learner will know what life was like in the past, and how things have changed to what we know today. They will develop chronological knowledge of the key events in British and World History, developing an understanding of when they occurred
in relation to each other. In learning about the past, our learners will develop and recognise the importance of respect and tolerance, and its significance in shaping our own and others’ future.

Skills grids for History.....


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Year 3 Stone Age to Iron Age Workshop

Year 3 had a fantastic day learning all about the Stone Age and Iron Age with Timezones. We learnt so much about how people got food, ,made clothes and created tools and objects for their everyday use. We even learnt how to make felt!

Year 5 Anglo Saxon and Viking Day

Year 5 had a great day with Timezones learning all about life in Anglo Saxon and Viking times. We learnt about everyday life but especially enjoyed re enacting a battle on our school field!