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Sports Premium

 Sports funding 2023 2024

An amount of £17,760 was in our school budget for the academic year 2023/2024 (this includes a carry forward from last year).

This is being used to fund the following:

  • To bring "Forest School" to our school. This includes spending (£1,100) on resources, and (£4,180) on staff costs to implement this across the year (there is some cross over from last year's money).
  • TLR 3 (£1,000)
  • Health and Well-being for pupils and parents via Mrs. Stanley (£5,130)
  • Specialised PE sessions offering pupils a variety of sporting opportunities (£2,100)
  • Transport to sporting events (£1,250)
  • New outdoor Sports equipment (£2,000)
  • Contingency (£2,000)

Total spend is £17,660




Sports funding 2022 23.

An amount of circa £8,500 was awarded to school for the academic year 2022/23.

This has also been used to fund the following:

  • Improvements to play areas outside and to provide more extra-curricular activities such as cricket (approx £1,500)
  • Support for pupils mental health and well-being with a specialist provider in one day a week (£4,000)
  • Direct work with Lunchtime Supervisors on play over 6 weeks (£500)
  • The implementation of Forset School here on site from March 2024 (£2,000)
  • A TLR3 payment has also been funded.

The funding is also being used to transport pupils to and from sporting events this year (approx £500)

In Year 6, we have not had chance to assess the children's swimming ability yet, but this will be done in the summer term of 2023. Sports Premium cannot be used to fund swimming (which is part of the National Curriculum).


Sports funding 2021 2022

As of April 2021, there was £9,018 remaining in the Sports premium funding pot. A further sum of approx. £8,000 is due over the academic year 2021/22

  • A new canopy was fitted in the EYFS to allow more outdoor learning to take place in all weathers. This was at a cost of £14,000
  • The TLR 3 payment will continue for the next academic year.
  • Kwik cricket will continue and all pupils across school will have access to this.
  • Yoga will also continue at the request of pupils again.

The importance placed on high quality physical education and play means children benefit in both the ,long and short term.

As the Pandemic takes its toll on Mental Health, the Yoga sessions help children to learn how to relax and gives strategies for them to support their own mental health.

The sustainable improvements to the outdoor provision will be the legacy of the Sports funding for many years to come. All children can now have access to a variety of outdoor equipment at all times when they are at play (which can also be used in PE lessons) and not only has this benefitted their physical and mental health, but it has improved behaviour across school, as all pupils have the opportunity to be engaged at all times in their free time.


Sports funding in 2020/21.

In September 2020, the school had a balance £19,400 in the Sports budget which consists of some balance unspent from last year, as well as this year's allocation.

We intend to spend it on the following:

  • Maintain Yoga classes in school (physical and mental health and well-being)
  • TLR 3 payment
  • Extra cricket sessions across school for all pupils.
  • New outdoor play equipment for school field (projected to be around £12k)

 As of September 2021, 67% of children in Year 6 can swim 25m or more. Swimming lessons should start again in the summer of 2022.


Sports funding for 2019 / 2020

School is in receipt of £8,160 of Sports Funding between September 2018 and September 2019.

This year, the funding has been / will be used as follows:

  • To part-fund a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) outside to ensure high quality outdoor P.E lessons and clubs can take place all year.
  • Maintain KWIK CRICKET for pupils for the 4th year on Fridays.
  • TLR for a member of staff to co-ordinate P.E activities and focus the school on receiving at least the Bronze Standard in the P.E mark award scheme.

All of the above will be sustainable for the next few years.

Currently, 80% of our Year 6 pupils can swim 25m or more. Swimming takes place for Year 5 and Year 6 during the Summer Term.




Kwik Cricket Club.

Run by Prakash Patel  from Staffordshire Cricket.