Huthill Lane, Great Wyrley, Staffordshire WS6 6PG



May 2022

1st May    Walk This May.

17th May   Pupil Parliament meeting - 3.10pm.

18th May   Year 6 Bike-a-bility.

19th May   Year 6 Bike-a-bility.

19th May   Carnival meeting - 3.10pm.

20th May   Swimming for Year 5 & 6.

24th May   Pupil Parliament meeting - 3.10pm.

26th May   May Procession.

26th May   Carnival meeting - 3.10pm.

27th May   Children Queen's Jubilee Street Party.

27th May   Break up for Half Term at 3.10pm.

June 2022

6th June     Inset Day - school closed.

7th June     Pupil Parliament meeting - 3.10pm.

9th June     Carnival meeting - 3.10pm.

10th June    Swimming for Year 5 & 6.

10th June    Non Uniform day. Chocolates & sweets.

13th June    Year 6 Trip - Laches Wood.

14th June    Pupil Parliament meeting - 3.10pm.

16th June    Year 5 Trip - Oscott College.

16th June    Carnival meeting - 3.10pm.

17th June    Non Uniform day. Chocolates & sweets.

17th June    Swimming for Year 5 & 6.

21st June    Pupil Parliament meeting - 3.10pm.

23rd June    Carnival meeting - 3.10pm.

24th June    Sports Day, STM Day & FUNDAY.

25th June    Great Wyrley Carnival. All Things British.

28th June    Pupil Parliament meeting - 3.10pm.

30th June    Cafod vivit to school.

July 2022

1st July      Queen's Jubilee. School closed.

5th July      Pupil Parliament meeting - 3.10pm.

8th July      Swimming for Year 5 & 6.

11th July     Reports sent home today.

12th July     Last Pupil Parliament meeting.

14th July     Signing Assembly 9am / 2pm.

15th July     Non uniform day for school fund.

15th July     Swimming for Year 5 & 6.

18th July     Meet the new teacher day.

21st July     Leavers Mass. (Tbc).

21st July     School finishes at 2pm.