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English Reading



A St Thomas More learner will develop a love for reading a wide range of genres, using their reading skills as an integral part of learning throughout the curriculum and everyday life. They will be able to read and respond to a variety of texts gaining an increased level of fluency, accuracy and understanding. Children will be inspired and enthused to recommend books to others.

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Teaching and Learning of Reading

Teachers promote and value reading as an enjoyable activity and also as a life skill. The programmes of study for reading at key stages 1 and 2 consist of two dimensions: word reading and comprehension (both listening and reading).

Progression in reading starts with the systematic teaching of synthetic phonics. This is in the context of a broad and rich curriculum which celebrates reading for pleasure and develops children’s spoken word and language development. As pupils develop reading fluency, teachers teach a broad range of comprehension strategies which allow pupils to engage with texts in a variety of ways.

In KS1, our principle reading scheme is Little Wandle Letters and Sounds. From year 2 onwards, children are allocated a text that is appropriate to their reading age. The schemes are centrally stored so that classes have access to all the levels. Alongside the reading scheme, children can access a range of books from the library. This is monitored by teaching staff to ensure children are reading a broad and balanced range of texts.

In reading lessons the teacher models reading skills to the whole class as an expert reader. Texts are rich and challenging and are linked to the topic, unit of work or genre under current study. All children have a minimum of one reading session per week.


World Book Day 2023!

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